About Us

Welcome to Growing Angels Inc.  I, Tina Ali am a mother, wife, and advocate for humanity. I've been a childcare provider for 14 years. I received my self-helping certification  from University of Miami, obtaining staff credentials , Director's and CDA. I'm license through DCF, contracted with Early Learning Coalition, and VPK. We're dedicated to giving you the very best of care for your children.  Founded 2006  my mission is to impower and educate our children. We frequently  take field trips to explore nature and learn new and exciting things everyday. Here at growing angels we will strive to get your child excited and looking forward to elementary with a  positive outlook. We will also  teach compassion and kindest.

Mission Statement


Growing Angels Inc. mission to provide a safe environment. A home away from home where children 1-13 years old will learn and develop socially, emotionally, and academically. Strengthening the community by providing an easy access referral system. 


Growing Angels Inc. believes  by embracing individuality , recreation ,nutrition and enrichment. Here is where children come first . Each child growth  and development , we are committed to exposing our young adolescent too services based on best practices.


Is to offer services such as appropriate life skills, tutoring, craft projects, and other extracurricular and academic activities that are provided in fun and engaging way for our kids are a priority and day-to day goal and aspiration. 


Employment Opportunity

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Growing Angels Inc.